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New Patient Info

During your first visit I will conduct an in-depth interview and exam. Questions will be asked about your primary complaint/s as well as a complete health history. This will build a complete picture and put your condition into a holistic context.

If I feel that Acupuncture will be effective for you, a customized treatment will be formulated. Your first visit will take about 75 minutes, with subsequent visits lasting 45-60 minutes.

During your treatment, you will lay either face up or face down, in a comfortable position, on a massage table. The needles are generally painless and most people only feel a tapping sensation. Once the needles are in and you are comfortable, you will relax in the treatment room for about 20 minutes. After this time I remove the needles. I only use sterile disposable needles. 

After the acupuncture treatment is over, I may recommend Chinese Herbs if I think they would be helpful for your situation. Most people find acupuncture completely painless and very relaxing. Some patients fall asleep during a treatment.

How to prepare?

Wear comfortable clothing, often if patients wear clothing that can be pulled up to the knees and past the elbows, they often don't need to change clothes for the treatment.

Please be sure to eat a meal or a snack in the 3-4 hours prior to a treatment.

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EMAIL:  lori@abundantlifeacupuncture.com. Table of Contents